Web Hosting for Agencies & Freelancers

Let us take care of all your hosting, maintenance & support while you focus on doing your best design work.

We know the feeling... Suddenly your design hours get pushed down the priority ladder by too many sites to manage, support tickets, and lengthy development.

We built Octapress as a result after over a decade of experience in web design and development.

After cleaning up endless malware, restoring many websites after hacker attacks, and suddenly having to exchange a no longer supported plugin with the latest WordPress update for a new one.

Does any of that sound familiar?
Then this could be for you.

What we can help you with

Web hosting

State of the art web hosting. Designed for speed, security and SEO. We do everything in our power to give your site the boost it needs for Google’s page speed ranking. Caching, optimization, testing, tweaking, repeat.
It doesn’t matter if you have 1 website or 1000. We will make sure they perform as good as they possibly can on our network.

Configuration & reporting

We offer a wide range of configuration, customization and setup on both new and existing websites:

  • Website analytics, tracking pixels and tags
  • Monthly reports
  • Domain registering & DNS setup
  • Email configuration, migration & web forms
  • Zapier integration & Webhooks
  • Advanced Custom Fields setup


Monthly WordPress and theme + plugin updates. Everything backed up in case of any errors. If there are small errors, we fix them, if they need more work to become functional again, we will roll back to the backup and let you (or your client) know about it so there is time to make decisions before proceeding.


Complicated site builds? Membership sites? eCommerce? Migration from Shopify? Our team of developers can help you from the moment we spin up the site until handoff and beyond.


Let us deal with all your clients’ questions and technical problems. Even though our network is extremely reliable, both humans and software can still cause errors. We are trained to handle it all with ease.

Our support team know WordPress inside out and will not only make sure everything runs smoothly, but can also be an incredible resource when you need information about complicated plugins and best practices for complicated sites.

Fully white label

Everything we do is yours. Make use of it, take all the credit, and charge your clients whatever you want.
If you want your clients to be in contact directly with us or with you is totally up to you.

30 Day money back guarantee

Get a full refund if you're not happy within 30 days.


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